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Dr Green combines the Ethereum blockchain, NFT technology and physical cannabis into a solution that allows for accountable, traceable and verified cannabis transactions globally. Introducing the Dr Green Digital Key. The cannabis industry lacks traceability, and this product allows regulators to safely open the doors to cannabis distribution. The digital key itself through the use of smart contracts provides our regulated license to the holder, empowering the digital key holder to trade cannabis legally anywhere that cannabis is accepted.

Genetic Traceability

Our NFT holders can indulge in an immersive experience of interplanetary trade, where each NFT represents a unique world with its own species and cannabis strains, promoting a rich and engaging community interaction.

Spoofing Elimination

Spoofing is the biggest problem in the cannabis industry. This is when illegal cannabis enters the legal supply chain. Currently there is no product offering to solve this problem. Perpetrators are not able to be caught as once the cannabis is inside legal packaging, it is just a plant in a bag. This new technology enables the cannabis to be verified, thus contributing to the elimination of black-market cannabis from the legal supply. Utilising the ETH block chain enables the decentralisation of our data. This is attractive to regulatory frameworks because it removes the risk of manipulation of any data on chain.

First-of-its-Kind Integration

Providing an ERC-721 token, we can build our cannabis licensing into the digital key and allow any holder to trade cannabis internationally, on chain, via an on-demand delivery platform. We and our partners are regulated, we actually deliver the cannabis to the consumer. The digital key holder never comes into contact with the product but is paid in ETH for creating those clients and orders. Traditionally, entering the cannabis market as an entrepreneur will cost upwards of $20M USD. Being regulated, passing background checks, building a facility, proving stability in your strains and then eventually being able to distribute is a time consuming and financially difficult venture. Our digital key circumvents the large setup costs for these businesspeople who wish to trade cannabis

Digital Universe

We aim to build community and foster community collaboration internationally with our product. To achieve this, we have created a "Digital Universe" which can be found on our marketplace. This universe contains 20 planets, each with a unique and fun backstory about its culture and the inhabitants. The planets contain native strains of cannabis.

NFT Artwork

Purchasing a digital key by world gives you access to that planets subset of strains to sell internationally subject to the law in each jurisdiction. The creatures that hail from those worlds are the digital keys and each creature, without using traits, is a unique design that has been hand drawn by an EA artist. His unique style comes across in the 5,145 unique pieces we have created for this project.

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Dr. Green NFT, a team of visionaries, is reshaping the cannabis industry. Their remarkable impact is evident as they navigate the intricate world of cannabis with unwavering confidence. We about to change the game!!


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Yo, big shoutout to Dr Green NFT! It's Fredo here, and I gotta say, these folks are changing the game in the weed business, for real. They are deep in the cannabis world, leading the charge like a boss.

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Fast-forward to today. I’m back in the game, fists up, and guess who’s in my corner? Dr. Green NFT. Yeah, the same guys who’ve got the cannabis world buzzing. But this ain’t just about toking up—it’s about empowering healing.

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