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Marlon Wayans Answers Hard-Hitting Questions As He Joins Billionaire In Cannabis Venture

Marlon Wayans has never stepped into a cannabis venture like this. When presented with the offer to do so from Dr Green, he felt that Dr Green was the first company to approach him that actually knew what they were doing.

Maximillian White "Elon Musk of weed" will legalise cannabis around the world

Billionaire Maximillian White dubbed the "Elon Musk of weed" vouches to legalise marijuana around the globe. The founder of Dr Green aims to be the number-one supplier of recreational cannabis around the world.

The Growth of the Cannabis Industry: A Beginner’s Guide

The cannabis industry is on the cusp of a transformative era. With historical stigmas fading and legislative landscapes evolving, the potential for growth is immense.

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Cannabis Dispensary in the UK

Since 2018, cannabis has been legal in the UK for medical purposes, leading to a growing number of companies entering the cannabis industry.

The Legal Environment in the UK: Regulations and Licencing for Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis law in the UK has a troubled history. Cannabis was classified as a Class B drug under the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1971; however, in 2018, the government took a significant step by legalising medical marijuana.

Designing Your Cannabis Dispensary In The UK

Creating an experience that entices clients to return is a more important aspect of running a successful dispensary than simply selling goods. The design and style of your store can make a big difference in the competitive, quickly growing cannabis market of today.