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With several world-renowned facilities in Portugal, Dr Green stands as a leader in the cannabis industry, boasting unparalleled growing prowess and exclusive government partnerships in new territories. More than a business, Dr Green symbolizes a significant impact on the evolving cannabis landscape.

We are offering a unique opportunity to collaborate with the world's premier cannabis grower and distributor; using our innovative Digital Key smart contract to allow anyone to trade cannabis legally. Dr Green Digital Key invites you to join us in shaping the future of global cannabis trade.



5,000 Standard NFTs
These are planet based and have the ability to trade the strains of weed native to their home planet. These will be for public sale.

75 Gold NFTs
These are for our KOLs, Influencers and people associated to the project. These NFTs have the benefit of being "Gods" they can travel the universe and sell cannabis from any planet. They also come with an internal staff member to assist with all the administrative aspects of the business. 

70 Platinum NFTs
These are for our highly influential partners. They have the addition of being included in our brand partnerships. An example of that would be the Jacob&Co "Dr Green Edition" watch. The Platinum holders will come to our facility in Portugal and handcraft their very own strains of cannabis. This strain will be trademarked, branded and included for sale across the entire platform.

Minting Your Digital Key

The public mint will allow 250 Digital Keys to be minted on each planet. The standard Key will cost $10k to mint. In addition to the 250 standard Digital Keys on each world, we have hidden one Platinum Key on each planet. This Platinum Key will empower one lucky minter to start their business venture off with a bang. They will be given the full celebrity treatment, having a staff member assigned to them aiding their administration and crafting their own strain of cannabis with our master growers, subject to our terms and conditions.


Our artist, who previously developed games for EA, including titles like Harry Potter and Medal of Honor, has embarked on designing the graphical characters for Dr Green's Digital Key project. We have crafted a captivating and unique visual representation that captures the essence of our NFT collection. This series will feature 5,145 distinct characters, each uniquely designed without relying on repetitive traits.

The Capitalist

If a standard NFT holder wants to sell cannabis from another world. For example, they hold an NFT from planet A, but have clients that are interested in weed from planet B. There are 3 ways this can be achieved:

They can simply buy and mint an NFT from the other world and have access to those strains on their platform.

The Diplomat

You can chat in our Discord and Telegram groups for "Joining Forces" and create an alliance with a holder from planet B. The two of you agree a profit share and sign the agreement with their wallets. This creates a new Smart Contract on the chain that sees the deal honoured (an 80% 20% split for example) the cannabis strains from the other person's planet will now show on your store and when a client from your platform buys weed from planet B, you share the profit as agreed in the contract.

The Warlord

You are stepping into a Web3 RPG game where your NFT character takes center stage. The game incorporates worlds from our digital universe, allowing you to build weed farms and armies for their protection. You can deploy your army to attack other planets. A victory grants you access to that planet's strains for one month, while a loss results in a one-week timeout during which you cannot challenge that planet again. However, you still have 19 other worlds to engage with during this time. The strength of your character in the game is directly determined by the traits of your NFT, with 'Transaction Count, Customer Count, and Revenue Volume' being key. The higher these values, the stronger your character will be in the game.


The unveiling of our Digital Key promises to be the year's most thrilling event, set against the breathtaking, ultramodern skyline of Dubai. This exclusive launch party will be an exceptional blend of innovation, luxury, and entertainment, capturing the spirit of a pioneering venture in the digital art arena. Upon arrival, guests will be treated to a spectacular exhibition of digital art, featuring our unique pieces that marry artistic brilliance with advanced technology. The atmosphere will buzz with excitement as attendees receive an exclusive preview of the collection before its official release, signifying a landmark moment for both the art scene and the evolving cannabis culture.

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