A Comprehensive Guide to German Cannabis Legalization: Key Facts and Insights

Written by Dr Green Aug 4, 2023

Germany’s Path Towards Cannabis Legalisation: What You Should Be Aware Of

Germany is witnessing significant developments in its cannabis policies. Over the past few decades, the European nation has adopted a relatively lenient approach towards cannabis. Now, there is a growing momentum among politicians to take a step further by legalizing recreational cannabis and allowing home cultivation.

Despite these progressive efforts, EU regulations have posed challenges, hindering a complete liberalization of cannabis laws in Germany. As a result, the German government is now exploring alternative approaches, considering a backup plan to advance its cannabis agenda.

Despite the initial setbacks in cannabis law reform, German ministers have devised a backup plan aimed at aligning better with the European Commission’s regulations. While still embracing a relatively liberal approach, the new plan seeks to find a balance that navigates around EU framework decisions, which urge member states to tighten control on drug sales. Drawing inspiration from countries like Malta, where recreational cannabis legalization has been successful, Germany is optimistic about its prospects.

So, what does the revised proposal entail? In its watered-down version, phase one will introduce limited access to legal cannabis through cannabis social clubs, similar to those present in Spain. Each club will be limited to 500 members, all of whom must be German citizens. Members aged 21 and above will have the privilege to legally purchase up to 25g of cannabis per day and up to 50g per month. Citizens aged 18 to 21 will be granted access to a maximum of 30g of cannabis per month.

While this presents a significant step forward, German cannabis clubs will operate differently from their Spanish counterparts, like those found in Barcelona. Notably, patrons in Germany will not be allowed to consume cannabis on the premises. Instead, the clubs will solely function as points of purchase. The exact timeline for implementation remains uncertain, but plans are underway to make social clubs accessible to citizens by the end of 2023, according to Lauterbach, a key advocate for cannabis reform.

Certain public places will still have restrictions; smoking cannabis near schools, day centers, and pedestrian areas will be prohibited until 8 pm.

In addition to the cannabis club model, the new proposal grants adults in Germany the right to cultivate up to three female cannabis plants for recreational use. This further expands options for cannabis enthusiasts to responsibly engage with the plant.