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Radford-born billionaire Maximillian White paving the way for major change to the cannabis industry

Maximillian White grew up in Radford and was once the youngest pub landlord in the nation, but over the years he has gone from being a pub landlord, to working in the music industry and creating the internationally known Blanco Beach Club, to working in app development before moving into the medical marijuana industry.

Maximillian White: Pioneering the Intersection of Cannabis and Blockchain Innovation

European entrepreneur Maximillian White, known as the medical marijuana millionaire, remains unfazed by financial setbacks despite encountering failures in his career and family. Even when his business suffered a massive $29 million loss during the Cypriot banking collapse in 2012, White’s response was rather unconventional.

Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience in Your Cannabis Dispensary

Providing great customer service is not only a plus but a necessity in the rapidly changing cannabis retail industry. Dispensaries need to step up to the plate since customers have higher expectations for their shopping experiences.

Engaging with the Cannabis Community: Outreach and Education

Cannabis dispensaries serve as sites for knowledge sharing and social interaction among neighbours in addition to being places to purchase goods. Building goodwill and encouraging responsible cannabis use require community engagement and education.

Security Measures for Cannabis Dispensaries

Running a cannabis dispensary involves more than just product sales; you also need to have a strong security plan in place to safeguard your clients, employees, and business.

Staffing Your Cannabis Dispensary: Hiring and Training Tips

Hiring knowledgeable and committed staff members can make all the difference in the fast-paced cannabis retail industry.