Day-to-Day Operations of a Cannabis Dispensary

Written by Dr Green Jun 18, 2024

More than just selling goods is involved in operating a cannabis dispensary; careful planning, stringent adherence to laws, and effective administration are all necessary. SOPs, or standard operating procedures, are crucial for maintaining uniformity, compliance, and operational effectiveness.

Here's a summary of the essential SOPs that all cannabis shops should implement to make everyday tasks run more smoothly.

Procedures for Opening and Closing

In order to ensure operational readiness and security, cannabis stores are required to follow stringent opening and closing procedures. Turn on the lights, music, and climate control as soon as the store opens.

Also, make sure all signage is in place and the space is tidy. Check the inventory to make sure all the products are present and look for evidence of tampering. Turn on software and make sure employees are clothed appropriately.

Verify that security cameras are operating properly at closing, and lock all doors and display cabinets. In addition to producing sales and compliance reports, log any security issues.

Close the POS system, turn off the lights and music, take down the signs, follow cash-out procedures, and clean the business completely. Lastly, secure every door and perform a thorough security check.

Customer Check-In Procedures

Strict client check-in procedures must be followed in order to guarantee regulatory compliance and prevent fines.

Employees should receive thorough training on these protocols, which include screening each client to ensure they are of legal age to buy cannabis.

Customer IDs must be scanned in order to verify their legitimacy and look up any purchase restrictions. Add the customer's information to the tracking system as well in order to stop very large repeat purchases.

Sales Transaction Processes

SOPs for sales transactions are essential for tracking and generating income. Maintain a cordial and educational initial interaction with clients, adhere to product packaging and boxing guidelines, and accurately record sales while managing many payment options.

Effectively respond to inquiries about the products you sell and keep track of sales and shipment details in compliance monitoring systems.

Delivery Procedures

Strict criteria must be followed during delivery processes to guarantee efficient logistics and compliance. Observe particular packaging requirements for various products, such as labelling breakable items. Oversee third-party delivery providers, incorporate tracking tools, and precisely document every delivery detail in the point-of-sale system.

Security, Accounting, and Cash Management

Because cannabis products and cash transactions are high-value, it is imperative to implement effective security and cash management processes.

Restrict access to sensitive locations to authorised staff only. Regularly maintain and evaluate security footage. Arrange armoured vehicle pickups on a scheduled basis. Manage cash storage.

Furthermore, make sure that inventory and financial records are well tracked, and designate accountable staff for tax filings and audits.

Track-and-Trace & Inventory Management

Systems for tracking and tracing are necessary for both efficient inventory management and regulatory compliance. They include procurement, transportation, and product transfers related to inventory management; they also include conducting routine audits to verify compliance with rules and smoothly integrating track-and-trace software into day-to-day operations.

Quality Assessment

Evaluation of quality SOPs are essential for ensuring that goods respect consumer confidence and adhere to legal requirements.

This entails making only purchases from verified merchants, logging and labelling every item with care, and doing routine compliance checks to ensure that all legal requirements are being followed.

These protocols are necessary to keep the cannabis dispensary operations operating at high standards of quality and compliance.

Quality Assessment

Recall processes must operate well in order to manage defective items and maintain consumer confidence. According to these SOPs, particular employees are assigned to speak with customers directly about recalls, guaranteeing that information is distributed in a clear and timely manner.

Furthermore, the entire process is managed by a specialised compliance manager who prepares the scripts and manages updates to ensure regulatory compliance and recall operations run smoothly.

Employee Management

Effective personnel management is essential to preserving seamless operations in a cannabis shop. To maintain compliance, this entails establishing explicit protocols for managing forms and licences, as well as for onboarding new employees.

The utilisation of scheduling software enables the smooth administration of shifts, scheduling, and time monitoring. To ensure prompt payment and appropriate tax filings, dependable payroll systems must be implemented.

Evaluating staff performance and promoting ongoing operational improvement are made easier by establishing a systematic procedure for performance reviews.


By putting these SOPs into practice, your cannabis store will function more efficiently and maintain regulatory compliance. Make use of technology to include these processes into your business processes, guaranteeing scalability and effectiveness.

The performance of your dispensary can be greatly improved with tools for project management, personnel management, and compliant point-of-sale systems. This will set you up for success in this quickly changing market.

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