Maximillian White Ventures into Cannabis Industry with Dr. Green NFT

Written by Dr Green May 24, 2024

Financial setbacks have never deterred billionaire Maximillian White. After losing $39 million in the Cypriot banking collapse, White turned his resilience into a new venture: the cannabis industry. With a history of success in the music and real estate industries, White is now setting his sights on revolutionising recreational cannabis through his latest project, Dr. Green NFT.

Aided by his long-time friend and digital genius Ricardo Capone, White’s Dr. Green NFT combines high-quality cannabis with cutting-edge blockchain technology and NFTs to ensure ultimate traceability.

Initially focused on medicinal cannabis, White's 40-hectare farm in Portugal has already won 46 global trophies for its products. Now, he is poised to tackle the recreational market, projected to be worth $200 billion annually.

White's innovative approach includes using genome sequencing to match human DNA with the best-suited cannabis plants, offering a level of personalisation unmatched by mainstream pharmaceutical products.

This groundbreaking venture aims not only to generate substantial returns but also to create 5000 new millionaires.


"White has teamed up his cannabis product with blockchain technology and NFTs, providing the ultimate traceability engine for his quality plants."

Source: Blockleaders