Radford-born billionaire Maximillian White paving the way for major change to the cannabis industry

Written by Dr Green May 19, 2024

Following the tragic death of his brother Tobias White Sansom, in 2022, Maximillian has decided to focus on a new aspect on the industry and help make the trade more responsible and ethical ahead of his planned retirement next year. In June 2024, the 43-year-old will launch Dr Green, a worldwide cannabis trading network that he hopes will redefine the industry.


Maximillian, who is now based in Dubai, said: "Coming from the medical background into the recreational stuff is a big decision." He explained the "show would go on" with or without him, but hopes to ensure everyone gets the best quality products and understands the legalities.

He continued: "After the death of my brother it was quite difficult to focus on business and trying to be motivated, so I had to get a new challenge which was a little bit different to take on. I want to take out the crime around the black sales of marijuana, so the youngsters of different areas, even Nottingham, are not growing up with criminal records for cannabis.



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