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Designing Your Cannabis Dispensary In The UK

Creating an experience that entices clients to return is a more important aspect of running a successful dispensary than simply selling goods. The design and style of your store can make a big difference in the competitive, quickly growing cannabis market of today.

Securing Funding for Your Cannabis Dispensary

It's an exciting idea to open a cannabis dispensary in the UK, but getting the money needed can be difficult. An overview of methods and techniques for obtaining funding, such as grants, loans, and investors, is given in this blog.

Maximillian White Ventures into Cannabis Industry with Dr. Green NFT

Financial setbacks have never deterred billionaire Maximillian White. After losing $39 million in the Cypriot banking collapse, White turned his resilience into a new venture: the cannabis industry.

Ricardo Capone: Pioneering the Future of Cannabis with Groundbreaking Digital Traceability

Ricardo Capone, CTO of Dr Green, is revolutionising the cannabis industry with a sophisticated seed-to-sale traceability system.

Radford-born billionaire Maximillian White paving the way for major change to the cannabis industry

Maximillian White grew up in Radford and was once the youngest pub landlord in the nation, but over the years he has gone from being a pub landlord, to working in the music industry and creating the internationally known Blanco Beach Club, to working in app development before moving into the medical marijuana industry.

Maximillian White: Pioneering the Intersection of Cannabis and Blockchain Innovation

European entrepreneur Maximillian White, known as the medical marijuana millionaire, remains unfazed by financial setbacks despite encountering failures in his career and family. Even when his business suffered a massive $29 million loss during the Cypriot banking collapse in 2012, White’s response was rather unconventional.