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Our platinum digital keys are exclusive to a privileged few. These digital keys confer significant authority, granting the owner access to every cannabis strain from Dr. Green, along with the rare chance to visit our factory in Portugal. Here, you'll meet our expert geneticists who will collaborate with you to create your very own cannabis strain, which you can then cultivate and distribute through the Dr. Green Platform. 

In the journey to craft a bespoke cannabis strain for each Platinum digital key, our endeavour begins with an intimate dialogue, a meeting of minds between the Platinum digital key and our team of seasoned geneticists and cultivators. This collaborative process is not just about selecting flavours or effects; it's about capturing the essence of the owners persona, branding, ethos, and the legacy they wish to impart through this unique botanical signature. 

This unique opportunity is extended to a select group, offering an invitation to pioneer change with a product that reflects your personal brand. 



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Unveiling the Personality

We start by exploring the traits that resonate most deeply with the celebrity. Is it their unwavering boldness, their serene calmness under pressure, or perhaps their boundless creativity? Each personality trait serves as a compass in our selection of genetics, guiding us toward a strain that embodies these characteristics. 

Aligning with Values

Beyond personality, we consider the values that the celebrity holds dear. Whether it's a commitment to sustainability, social justice, or wellness, we aim to ensure that the strain reflects these principles not only in its cultivation process but in its impact on the community and the environment. 

Sensory Experience 

The personal tastes and preferences of the celebrity play a crucial role in shaping the strain. From the aroma and flavour profiles to the visual appeal of the bud, each aspect is meticulously tailored. Whether they are drawn to the invigorating zest of citrus, the earthy undertones of pine, or the sweet allure of berries, these sensory choices forge a deeper connection between the strain and its namesake. 

Desired Effects

Understanding the desired experience is paramount. Does the celebrity seek to inspire creativity, promote relaxation, or energize and uplift? This insight directs us towards specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles that can deliver the intended physiological and psychological effects, ensuring that the strain not only bears the celebrity’s name but also serves as an extension of their influence and intent. 

The Creative Process

The creation of a celebrity strain is a journey of discovery, experimentation, and refinement. Through a series of consultations, tasting sessions, and feedback loops, we fine-tune the strain until it perfectly aligns with the celebrity's vision. This process is not just scientific; it’s an art form, a dance between nature and nurture, guided by the celebrity's narrative and our expertise. 

Legacy & Impact

Finally, we consider the legacy that the celebrity aims to leave through their strain. This goes beyond the immediate appeal of the cannabis itself and encompasses the message, the stories, and the conversations it will inspire. Each strain is an opportunity to influence the cannabis culture, to break stereotypes, and to elevate the discourse around cannabis, reflecting the celebrity’s impact on the world. 

Platinum Perks

As a Platinum Key holder, you have the god-like ability to trade cannabis from any planet in the universe. Not only that, but we provide a staff member to handle all of your administration and run your store for you.

Our Platinum partners are busy individuals, and we understand that time is money.

Our brand partnerships also come with the Platinum, meaning that whenever we produce one-of-a-kind merchandise like we have done with Jacob&Co you will be issued with our unique pieces. Luxury meets business with our collabs, and we only work with the highest quality brands.

Most importantly, our Platinum Key holders get the opportunity to hand-craft their very own strain of cannabis. This bespoke cannabis strain will be branded in-line with the Platinum Partners image and distributed across all the planets in our universe.


What our VIPs say

Marlon Wayans


I've been offered a lot of deals. I was talking to a few people. I chose Dr. Green because I felt like this company actually knows what they're talking about


British Rapper & Singer

Yo, big shoutout to Dr Green! It's Fredo here, and I gotta say, these folks are changing the game in the weed business, for real. They are deep in the cannabis world, leading the charge like a boss.

Shannon Courtenay

British Professional Boxer

Fast-forward to today. I’m back in the game, fists up, and guess who’s in my corner? Dr. Green. Yeah, the same guys who’ve got the cannabis world buzzing. But this ain’t just about toking up—it’s about empowering healing.

Kiefer Crosbie

MMA Fighter

Dr. Green, a pioneering cannabis company, has ingeniously combined legal cannabis with state-of-the-art blockchain technology.


Rapper & Professional Boxer

Dr. Green, a team of visionaries, is reshaping the cannabis industry. Their remarkable impact is evident as they navigate the intricate world of cannabis with unwavering confidence. We about to change the game!!

Lady Leshurr

British Rapper & Singer

These visionaries are revolutionizing the cannabis landscape, and their impact is nothing short of remarkable.

M Dot R


Dr. Green stands at the forefront of a groundbreaking intersection: where the cannabis industry meets cutting-edge blockchain technology.



I am thrilled to share my experience with Dr Green, a trailblazing cannabis company that has seamlessly merged the world of legal cannabis with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Bobby Shmurda

American Rapper

Dr. Green embodies a fresh perspective, redefining the game in both cannabis cultivation and drop shipping. Their approach is novel, eagerly anticipated by all of us.


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