Curating Your Product Line: What to Stock in Your Cannabis Dispensary

Written by Dr Green Jun 19, 2024

A carefully chosen product line can make a big impact when it comes to stocking your cannabis shop.

Having the appropriate assortment will increase customer satisfaction and revenue, regardless of whether your clients are looking for edibles, accessories, concentrates, or flowers. This guide will assist you in selecting the ideal items for your dispensary.

1. Focus on Quality

Quality items are the foundation of any successful cannabis dispensary. It is imperative to have a committed product expert, sometimes known as a merchant. This individual should have the ability to source and evaluate products while staying abreast of market trends and consumer preferences.

A quality assessment includes knowing the percentages of CBD, THCB, and THCA in the flowers as well as their look and scent. To ensure the safety of edibles, it is essential to carefully review ingredient lists and make sure that labelling regulations and lab testing standards are being followed.

Particularly with flowers, where quality could differ between shipments, routine quality inspections are essential. By doing this, you can be sure that your shelves hold only the greatest products.

2. Ensure Product Variety

Meeting the varied needs of your clientele requires variety. All of the main product categories should be included in your assortment: edibles, tinctures, concentrates, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, flowers, and topicals.

Provide a subset of these categories to meet the needs of particular tastes. You may put drinks, baking oils, chocolates, gummies, and pills in your edibles section, for instance.

Another area where variation is crucial is in strains. Maintain a variety of terpene profiles and THC/CBD concentrations in your stock of sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Well-known strains like OG Kush and Blue Dream ought to be easily accessible.

Cost factors are also important. Provide a range of options to satisfy both customers on a tight budget and those who are prepared to spend more for superior goods.

3. Organise in a Customer-Friendly Way

The purchasing experience can be greatly impacted by the way you present your products. The two best ways to organise are by user experience and by product type.

Sorting products based on their type facilitates customers' search for what they're looking for by grouping related things together. For example, having distinct categories for edibles, vapes, and flowers makes it easy to compare products within each category.

An environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate can be achieved by arranging items according to user experience.

Using colour codes to represent various effects—for instance, blue for calm and yellow for energy—is one example. This improves the product's visual appeal while also making it easier for buyers to locate items that produce the intended results.

Depending on your brand and customers, you might also take other organisational strategies into account. A distinctive aspect of your store, like an on-site bakery, can be highlighted, or you can arrange by supplier or customer experience level (novices vs. aficionados).

4. Draft a Planogram

The graphic depiction of your product layout is called a planogram. It aids in maintaining uniformity in product presentation, which is crucial if you operate several retail locations. Planograms can be as basic as hand drawings or as intricate as computer-generated maps.

A hand-drawn planogram could work well for a single store and be easily adjusted. Detailed planograms, on the other hand, assist in preserving a uniform shopping experience throughout all stores when there are numerous locations, reducing customer annoyance

Continuously Refine Your Merchandising

The process of merchandisers is continuous. The cannabis market is changing quickly, so it's critical to keep up with the latest developments.

Adjust your product choices and display tactics frequently in response to changes in the market and sales patterns at your establishment.

Pay greater attention to top-shelf items if they are outperforming others in your posh neighbourhood. Customer opinions and reviews can also offer insightful information about well-liked products.

Intentionality, reasoning, and flexibility are essential for effective retailing. You may increase customer happiness and make sure your dispensary lasts a long time by consistently choosing products based on these guidelines.

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