Kiefer Crosbie


MMA fighter





Kiefer Crosbie, born on May 4, 1990, in Dublin, Ireland, is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter known for his tenacity and strategic prowess inside the ring. Competing in the welterweight division, Kiefer has carved a notable path in his fighting career, recognized for his participation in major MMA organizations, including Bellator and later the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). His fighting style, combined with his powerful stand-up game and grappling skills, has earned him a respectable following and acclaim in the sports community.

Expanding his interests beyond the confines of the octagon, Kiefer has ventured into the burgeoning cannabis industry. He is currently developing a specialized CBD strain targeted at relaxation and recovery, a testament to his commitment to health and wellness. This particular strain is designed to aid athletes and active individuals in managing physical stress and enhancing their recovery process, leveraging the natural benefits of CBD.

To bring this innovative project to fruition, Kiefer is collaborating with Dr Green in botanical genetics and cultivation. He plans to our sophisticated lab in Portugal to oversee the development and testing of this new CBD strain. His involvement from the initial stages of cultivation to the final product exemplifies his hands-on approach and dedication to delivering a high-quality, beneficial product to the market. This initiative not only diversifies Kiefer's professional portfolio but also aligns with his long-standing interest in health and fitness, bridging his athletic expertise with entrepreneurial ventures in wellness.