Shannon Jane Courtenay


Professional Boxer





Shannon Courtenay, born on July 3, 1993, in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, is a celebrated professional boxer. Known professionally as "The Baby Face Assassin," Shannon rose to prominence by clinching the WBA female bantamweight title in 2021, a highlight in a career filled with formidable matchups and televised bouts that captured the public's attention.

Following her success in boxing, Shannon has shifted her focus towards enhancing athlete recovery and well-being through innovative means. Together, we are pioneering a project to develop a specialized CBD strain tailored for athletes. This strain aims to facilitate relaxation and expedite recovery, addressing the physical demands athletes endure in training and competition.

To actualize this vision, Shannon plans to visit our cutting-edge lab in Portugal, where she will actively participate in the cultivation and development processes of her unique CBD strain. This initiative not only underscores her commitment to athlete health but also positions her at the forefront of integrating sports recovery with natural therapeutic solutions, paving the way for new health-oriented practices within the athletic community.