Potter Payper


Rap Artist





Potter Payper, whose real name is Jamel Bousbaa, is a British rapper and songwriter from Barking, East London. Born on October 10, 1990, he is known for his vivid storytelling, authentic lyrical narratives, and deep reflections on personal experiences, particularly relating to his time in prison and life on the streets. Potter Payper gained prominence in the UK rap scene with the release of his "Training Day" mixtape series, which started in 2013. The series showcases his ability to blend raw, unfiltered lyrics with complex, emotive beats, making a strong impact in the drill and rap communities.

His music often explores themes of redemption, struggle, and survival, drawing listeners into his journey from hardship to musical recognition. Despite legal troubles that have intermittently paused his career, Potter Payper's resilience and commitment to his craft have won him a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim within the UK music industry. His authenticity and dedication to storytelling continue to define his music, setting him apart in a competitive genre.