Tom Zanetti


DJ & Music Producer



Tom Zanetti is a prominent figure in the UK music scene, known for his dynamic DJ sets, infectious energy, and chart-topping tracks. Hailing from Leeds, Zanetti carved out a niche in the music industry with his unique blend of house and dance music, gaining a fervent following and establishing himself as a nightlife impresario.

Beyond his music, Tom is also a successful entrepreneur with ventures in nightclubs and fashion, demonstrating his business acumen and deep understanding of the cultural zeitgeist. His journey from a challenging upbringing to becoming a household name in the UK club scene is a testament to his resilience and creativity.

Expanding his horizons, Tom Zanetti has now partnered with Dr. Green, diving into the cannabis industry. This collaboration is rooted in the belief that cannabis culture can enhance creativity and inspire artists. For Zanetti, the partnership is more than a business venture; it's about how the artistic and relaxing properties of cannabis can be harnessed to fuel the creative process, particularly in music production and performance.

With Dr. Green, Tom aims to promote a safe and legal way for others in the creative industries to explore how cannabis can positively impact their artistic output. This initiative marks a significant step in Tom’s career, as he continues to influence both the music and now the cannabis industry, pushing boundaries and fostering innovation.