Marlon Lamont Wayans


American Actor


North America

Marlon Wayans, a multifaceted entertainer known for his success in film, television, and comedy, has now ventured into the cannabis industry through an exciting partnership with Dr. Green. Best recognized for his roles in groundbreaking comedies and his dynamic presence in the entertainment world, Marlon is channeling his entrepreneurial spirit into the burgeoning world of cannabis.

With the launch of his collaboration with Dr. Green, Marlon introduces a revolutionary way to engage with the cannabis market through digital keys. This innovative approach allows users to connect directly with our multi-million-pound cannabis company, democratizing access and legal sales in the industry. Marlon's involvement aims to reshape perceptions and bring his signature flair to the industry.

Stay tuned as Marlon continues to break barriers and make significant strides, both onscreen and in the cannabis community.